Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Visit Home.2 or Mom's Wedding

My mom got married last Saturday. I'm really happy for her because I can tell she's ridiculously happy, and every mom deserves to be ridiculously happy.

My sister Amy sent me these matching dresses for the girls. I don't know how much longer I'm going to be able to hold off eating Nora, she's so cute.

Anne held Nora and entertained Lillian during a lot of the reception. THANK YOU ANNE!

"You may now kiss the bride."

I was not able to hold/entertain the girls because Tyler and I were somehow put in charge of the chocolate fountain, which was a surprising amount of work to keep going... but so delicious.

Lillian and Mia are BFF. She asks me every day when we are going to go back to Amy's. Today? After nap?

Sorry for the blurriness of this picture. I stole it off my sister's Facebook page and she must have uploaded the 10 KB picture, but how cute are my sisters? I also love how Mia and Lillian are cracking each other up.

Sometimes people will tell me about their families and about how this sibling isn't talking to that one, or that the family collectively shuns one of the brothers because of whatever, or blah blah blah. And I think, it's just not like that in my family. I have three brothers and three sisters and we all get along. Sure we fight sometimes and argue other times, and I specifically remember acting as ambassador in 2002 when two them swore they would never speak to each other again, but it all worked out (they probably don't even remember the incident). And now we really are one big happy family. I love it. Before I had children, I wanted to recreate that sort of big-happy-family love for my own kids, but since having #2, I realize that if we want to have a lot of kids, I'll actually have to bear all those children and then, more importantly, raise all of them. Aaaand, that's sounds like a lot of work. So we'll see how that one goes.

Just one more reason why my mom is awesome.


Anne said...

I think that all the time too... About our family, I mean. I love that we are all soo close! There is really no one else I would rather hang out with than all of you!

Allison said...

Ah... me too! BTW I stole that pick off of Andrew and Danielle's blog. Thanks Daniella. When up upload something to facebook it saves it as a really small file. If you want a better quality one, steal it off Andrew and Danielle's blog.

Allison said...

Also... you need a link to Andrew and Danielle's blog. It's super cute.

Amy said...

I can't imagine life any other way then with my big family. It's the best!

Cheryl said...

Well good for your mom being ridiculously happy and good for you for looking Fantastic! I love your dress and the pics are great.
Oh I think one of the hardest part of raising kids will be being able to pay for all of them.

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