Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Terrible Twos

It's hard to be two: you can't eat toothpaste and you have to eat something besides sunchips. Other meltdowns occurred today when I wouldn't let her use the hot straightening iron by herself, when I wouldn't let her run in the sprinklers when we were late for our art class, I wouldn't let her eat a second pack of fruit snacks (in reality, I only brought one with me), when she got glue on her hands during art class, and when there was a piece of potato skin on the baked potato I finally convinced her to eat instead of the dreaded poison peanut butter and jelly sandwich I was trying to make her eat in the second half of the clip. And it's only 3:30.

Sometimes I think it's funny. Other days (like today) I think "Oh My Freaking Heck! You're kidding, right? Again, really?" and I end up saying things like, "I don't want to listen to you cry anymore, so you just go into your room and come out when you're done."

It's on days like this (as she's collapsed in the parking lot because I made her leave her stuffed animal in the car) where I think, "what am I going to do when I have a baby? Who's going to hold the baby while I pick up Lillian? Who's going to stop Lillian from running into oncoming traffic while I'm getting the baby out of her seat?" I guess only time will tell.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What if...?

Sometimes I like to ask Tyler whatever weird question pops into my head. Tonight, over shakes at Johnny Rockets, I was thinking about the movie Mr. Destiny, and I asked Tyler how he would verify my identity if he wasn't sure I was me. I'm pretty sure he hasn't seen Mr. Destiny so I didn't want to confuse my point with trying to explain the plot.

Me: What question would you ask me if you weren't sure I was me?
Tyler: What?
Me: Like, if you suspected I was a robot or an alien or something and you had to make sure I was really me. What is something you would ask me that only I would know the answer to?
Tyler (no hesitation): Whats four times five?
Me (a little confused): um... 20.
Tyler: Too slow, not a robot.

There followed a long conversation about robots and downloading memories (Tyler: they could have stolen all your memories so all I would have to go on is pure processing time) and how it would probably be an alien robot if it was so convincing that he wouldn't be sure if it was human or not.

I love my husband. I was looking for something like: what song did I play when I proposed, or what did I nickname the cat across the street. Nope, that's not his style.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pregnancy update

I feel like I'm much bigger with this pregnancy than with the last one. But, I didn't take a lot of pictures last time and I have no scientific measurements so I can't quantitatively compare. Therefore, let science commence:

Week 32. 56 days left. Scientific measurement of my belly: 44 inches.

Hot air balloon ride

Every company has a human resources department, right? The lady you go to when you need help filling out forms, or when you want to take some sick days. The head of the HR department at Tyler's work has apparently spent too much time around persnickety engineers and decided that she didn't like the name. Resources. Resources can be depleted. (Maybe she does other things besides regular HR things, and felt the title was insufficient, I'm not sure.) So, she held a contest to see if anyone could come up with a better name. The prize: a hot air balloon ride.

The winning name: The People Department.

A few people came up with either The People Department or something very close to it, so all their names were put in a cup and two were chosen.

Tyler had to be at the park at 6:15 am for his adventure. He says it was fun even though there wasn't much wind. I would think it would be fun because there wasn't much wind, as opposed to lots of wind making it terribly frightening. But maybe that's just me.

Art class

Lillian and I take an art class through parks and rec. It's once a week and although I usually end up doing most (read: all) of the project, we have fun with the other kids and Lillian has fun making a mess. Last week, we made witches out of paper bags. This week, sweet pirate hats. Lillian wore it all the way home in the car, but then didn't want to wear it for the picture.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mom adventures

Tyler decided to stay a little late at work last night. Tentatively, he decided he was just going to stay 30 minutes later and take the next bus home. The bus passes right next to his work, but the nearest stop to our house is about 1.5 miles away, so Lillian and I go pick him up. In my head, I just planned to come get him 30 minutes later than I usually do, but the buses are fickle and there's a lot of traffic on his route so sometimes they're really early, and sometimes, really late, so I told him to call me when his bus was a little ways off, and we'd leave to come get him.

Lillian and I went to the grocery store and it took a little longer than expected, so I didn't have time to run home and drop the groceries off before the planned 30 minutes later time. We headed over to the bus stop but I hadn't gotten the call from Tyler yet and Lillian was restless (hello, we just got done from the grocery store) so I started up Elmopalooza on our portable DVD player that was still in the car from our drive to California and called Tyler. Turns out, he missed his 30-minutes later bus and was walking outside to catch the hour-later bus. As he was talking to me, he saw the bus drive by. Now I'm restless because that means we'll have to go home and get dinner going (by myself with a bossy, unhappy 2-year-old) and come back in some unspecified time. If that's how it is, that's how it is, so we headed home.

We pulled into our carport and I turned off the car, which turned off the DVD player, which turned off Elmopalooza. This equaled the end of the world for Lillian. She cried and screamed for Elmo to come back. I was hungry and tired so I hauled her and a load of groceries into the house and sat her on the couch. Our house isn't terribly convienent to the car port, so I had to close the door behind me when I went to go get the rest of the groceries. I came back, and the door didn't open. I pushed harder. I could hear Lillian still screaming and crying inside. I tried again. I threw my weight against the door. No good. I realized that Lillian had somehow locked the dead bolt. Great. I had set the keys down inside when I took the first load in. I tried the window next to the door. Locked. The windows into Lillian's room were locked to a paranoid degree. (Because I'm paranoid.) The only one I could get open was the kitchen window but that window is up high and is recessed, making it completely impossible for me in my 7-months gravid state to climb up there. Lillian was still crying, and now she was starting to be scared as I was walking around the outside of the house and telling her to unlock the door and not coming inside.

Luckily my neighbor Drew was on hand to climb in the window and unlock the door.

I made dinner and got Tyler. As Tyler was setting the table for dinner, I went to put away the cookbook which goes in the pantry by the water heater. I opened the door and stuck my hand in only to feel a water drop. I turned on the light and saw that we had pretty much a steady stream of water dripping down from the celing on the left side of our pantry.


I'm thankful that Tyler took everything out of the pantry and set up a bowl to catch the water bcause I was ready to just let everything get wet. He called the maintence guy (who was actually happy to come fix our problem (which was something to do with the AC and there being a clog in the pipe that carries away the condensation) because, as he put it, he needed the overtime pay) who came as we were finishing up eating and took care of things in a very timely manner.

I was glad to go to bed.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Although my pictures are nearly as cute as Vivian's, here we are at the pumpkin patch.

A good time was had by all, including Lillian who wanted to get all the pumpkins. Except for the fact that it was stinkin' hot. Sometimes, I forget we live in the desert, then we decide to spend the morning outside, and I remember.

The camera died, so I didn't get any shots of Lillian being afraid of the baby goats and llamas in the petting zoo. Sorry about that.

This was the best I could do to get Tyler to smile. He's just goofy sometimes.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Pretty much the only vegetables/fruits Lillian will eat are peas, corn, cooked carrots, broccoli, and bananas. That's it. (What little kid doesn't like apples?) So, I'm always on the lookout for new ways to cook these things to keep it interesting. I got this idea from Rachael Ray:

Roasted Broccoli

Cut up as much broccoli as you're interested in eating and put it in a baking dish. Mince a few cloves of garlic and throw those in there. Drizzle some olive oil and season with salt and pepper and toss the whole thing to coat. Bake at 400 for 12-15 minutes.

Nutritious, delicious, and it makes your kitchen smell fabulous.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

One way to improve your hearing

When I was little, we had this book called Mrs. Pigglewiggle which I loved and read over and over again, except, I think ours had a lavender cover. Mrs. Pigglewiggle, from what I remember, is an older lady who loves little kids and lets them play in her super cool house. She had some potions and things, but I don't think she was a witch. Or, maybe she was, I don't remember.

In one of the chapters, the parents have the problem of their kids being too loud. To help out, Mrs. Pigglewiggle puts some powder in the kids ears that makes their hearing extra sensitive. The kids find all sounds painful and can't even walk to school because the crunching of the leaves is too loud.

This is like what happened to me today. I have really waxy ears which I try to manage myself, but they they occasionally get so backed up, I can't hear anything and I have to go get them cleaned out.

Wow, the world is so loud. On the way home from the doctor's office, I kept trying to check if the doors or windows were open. Then, my phone rang and it was so loud, I actually winced.

I now know I have the loudest microwave on the planet.

Trip to California

Lillian and I just spent a week in California visiting family. Here's some statistics:
Total number of hours in the car: 17
Number of times we watched Elmopalooza in the car: 5
Number of Twizzlers packs consumed: 4
Full (or mostly full) Family gatherings: 2
New skill Lillian learned from Tristan: burping on command (or at least trying to)
Number of hours spent at the beach: 3
Number of pictures I took: 0
Number of times I broke Allison's sewing machine: 1
Number of hours spent lying awake because the Santa Anas were rattling the windows: 4
Number of popsicle sticks used to fix the window: 6
Number of times I thought "ugh! Where's Tyler?": 5,000 (Like when I was starving and trying to eat dinner and all Lillian wanted to do was to run under the trampoline which had 5 kids on it)
Amount of money I spent at Ikea when I intended to only buy a set of twin sheets (estimated cost $20): $75
Number of miles from home when we saw the sign that said "Extreme traffic delays next 10 miles": 20

Monday, October 06, 2008

So, how are you feeling?

Every time I talk to anyone whom I haven't seen in a while (a.k.a. everyone) they ask me how I'm feeling. Tomorrow, I'll be 29 weeks pregnant, firmly rooted in the dreaded third trimester. The answer to the question is: Overall, I feel pretty good. Some things about this pregnancy compare very favorably to when I was pregnant with Lillian. Including:
  1. I remember having awful backaches with #1. My lower back and right inbetween my shoulders burned with achy painfulness. I can remember asking Tyler to push as hard as he could on my lower back to try to ease the pain. This time, nothing. My body gets tired from carrying around an all-of-a-sudden 25 lb weight gain, but not really achy. I suppose it's because my trunk muscles have been strengthened by hauling Lillian around for two years.
  2. No breathing problems (except the one to be mentioned hereafter). I never had breathing problems until I moved to San Luis Obispo, and then after I got pregnant, my lungs took a complete vacation from any and all responsible behavior. I had to go on steroids and use my inhaler all the time. Probably, if we still lived in SLO, this would be the case, but now that we live in the middle of a desert, I haven't any trouble breathing.

Otherwise, things are improving from earlier in the pregnancy: I'm not so exhausted and I'm not throwing up (as much).

The one thing that is worse than the last time (other than the few extra weeks of morning sickness) is the crazy insane Braxton Hicks contractions. I vaguely remember these but I don't remember them as anything other than a 'huh, there's another one' sensation. Now, they knock the wind out of me and I have to stop what I'm doing and focus on breathing through it. And, although I didn't keep an official total, I'm pretty sure I had five thousand today.

People around town, like at the post office today, ask me when the baby is due and I say December and they say things like, "so, not too much longer." I think, 'are you kidding me?! Since when is 77 days not too much longer?' But I don't say that, I just say, "yup, pretty soon."

Friday, October 03, 2008

Halloween, thy name is Martha

I have been in sort of a crafty mood recently. This is how I've been channeling those feelings.

I showed these paper topiaries to Tyler after I was done meticulously cutting and gluing and he said, "oh, you made... big... paper... lollipops." I think he's never seen me being so Girly before, it threw him for a loop.

Note: I made these rats last year. I'm surprised I actually kept them, more surprised that we actually moved them to Tucson, and most surprised that I actually found them after we moved.

I like this wreath. I wish halloween lasted all fall so I could keep it on the door. I worked on this bad boy for about two days (probably much to my family's dismay as it took over the kitchen table) and when it was all done, I marched triumphantly over to the door to hang it up and... no nail. It was such a buzzkill. I wasn't sure how the apartment people would feel about me putting a nail in the door, so I bought a 3M hook that seems to be working quite well.

Going Private

I've been toying with the idea of making this blog private, and I think the time has come. If you want to continue to read me, please either email me your email address or leave it in the comments. I'll give it a few days, but let me know sooner rather than later.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

We all knew I was a hippie

We all knew I was a closet hippie. No use denying it. When Lillian was small, I used cloth diapers on her for a portion of her life. I used the Fuzzi Bunz brand which does allow for a little growth, but not much. She eventually grew out of them, and I stopped using them and switched to disposables. Now that diapers are ridiculously expensive, I think I'll try to use cloth with the next one.

Since we're having another girl, we probably won't have a baby shower. I hear the popular thing to do when one is in my position is to have a diaper shower. So, you're all invited to my virtual diaper shower. If you had an inkling to buy me a present, you could spring for a cloth diaper. After doing some research, I've decided on the BumGenius brand. The version 3.0 fits babies from 7-35 lbs so theoretically, Lillian could wear them too (maybe they'll help me get her out of diapers. Not likely any time soon as she's still deathly afraid of the potty). You can buy them here for $17.95 each.

If you're not interested in participating, you could still get me a nice card. Or some chocolate. Yeah, that'd be good too.

P.S. Why not just reuse the fuzzibunz that you used before? I only had a few, like five I think, and I bought them off eBay, so after being used for whatever child and then for my child, they are a little worn out. Plus, they are size medium which would not fit a newborn, no way, no how.
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