Monday, November 26, 2007


We had our first annual baseball game on Thanksgiving day.

As you can see, it was very serious competition.

And then Andrew took it to a whole new level with these socks.

Randomly, a picture of how much Lillian likes the bath. I like how Mia is just like, "what's her deal?"

The tee was courtesy Tyler who built it out of a pizza box, a wrapping paper tube, and a roll of duct tape.

For the record, Amy and Allison are hitting pitched balls, not trying to hit the ball off the tee.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Frequently Asked Questions

As school has gotten busier and things get more hectic, we haven't really talked to anyone, or taken any pictures of anything, or gone anywhere. I thought I'd just give you all an update on our lives so you can see that the reason we're not speaking is really us, not you.

Hows school?

Both Tyler and I go to school full time. I to nursing school, he to Cal Poly where he studies aerospace engineering. I have to spend what works out to 9 hours per week in the hospital where I'm on the step down unit (aka DOU aka telemetry) and I take care of three patients at a time. Plus I have class plus lab. Tyler has his regular classes and he works on his thesis for who knows how many hours per week, and he just got a job working for his professor on something unconnected to his studies. (Probably, it has to do with Matlab though.) We will both finish in the Spring. I'll be done in May and pending my passing the boards, I'll be an RN. Tyler will be done in June with his Masters in Aerospace Engineering.

What do you do with Lillian?

She goes to the totally awesome Cal Poly day care. She does go through phases of liking it and not liking it, but right now, she has no problems. I like her teacher and all the student workers and because you have to either be a student or professor to take your kids there, they're really flexible and understand if you need an extra hour or two to study or work on a group project. She's over the "day care nose" phase, but we'll see when winter hits. She attends everyday for 5 and 1/2 hours. (Originally, when we thought we'd have to pay for some, we scheduled it like this, because at 6 hours, they charge you for a full day.) They are also really good about letting you keep them home if you want, or take them out early if your class was canceled or whatever. I do miss her quite a bit and I miss being a stay-at-home mom, but I really feel that it's important to have at least one degree under my belt (especially with almost 7 years of higher level education) and life is only going to get busier, so better to get it out of the way now.

Where will you go/what will you do after school?

Who knows? We won't stay in San Luis, that's all I do know. We might move someplace fun like Huntington Beach or Colorado Springs, or someplace depressing like Palmdale. Tyler is in the preliminary phase of applying for jobs which involves sending his resume to anyone and everyone and then honing in on jobs he would be qualified for slash be interested in. Once we find out where we're going, I might be able to work a little at a hospital here, and then transfer to a hospital owned by the same company where ever we go. (Depending on if they have those kinds of hospitals where we move). If not, I'm not sure if I'll work or not, but I'm sure enjoying all the local hospitals buying me food and giving me presents.

How's Lillian?

Yesterday and today, not so good (she's cutting new teeth, I hope), but ordinarily, she's fantastic. She's working really hard on expanding her vocabulary with words like 'up' and 'more' and says 'hi' to everyone she sees. She still is following up with the neurologist (who will follow her until she's two), but she's progressing very normally and the MD doesn't think she'll have any problems. Lillian also is very good at following commands, a major developmental milestone. She can throw things in the trash, empty the silverware, give things to various people, go find her dad, sit down, stand up, dance, hop (or try to), point to her eyes and nose (or your eyes and nose), go get her shoes to go on a walk, etc. She's becoming more and more attached to the blue and white polkadotted blanket Allison made for her. If she doesn't see it, it's no big deal, but if it's within range, she must be touching it or carry it around like Linus from the Peanut's Gang. Also, you are not allowed to touch it. She's starting to prefer Tyler to me, which I thought I'd be excited about when it happened, but it hurts my feelings a little. He plays much more physically with her, which she's into right now. It's also fun because she's starting to do things which she knows will make me laugh, like purposefully do something wrong (putting a hat on her feet, or doing the wrong signs to a song) or pretend to do things she knows are not allowed (climbing in the dishwasher) then quickly stopping. She's cute.

Other than that, we're pretty happy and healthy and enjoying this indian summer.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Fun with Photobooth

We bought a new computer, a MacBook Pro, and it has a built in camera and a program called photobooth (which many of you already know). This is how big my brain actually is.

And this is how big Tyler's really is. (Just kidding... we all know he actually is a rocket scientist)

This is how big Lillian's head should be.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

What's all this then

My attempt at craftiness. I did it with a glue gun.

We've been having a tough time keeping Lillian happy lately. She wants to help but has little to no hand-eye coordination to do so. This was Tyler's solution to her wanting to help with the dishes.

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