Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Tuesday Reminiscences: In which I am amazed Tyler kept dating me

I've been friends with Rachel for a while, since moving to Arizona. And, since then, she's heard some stories about when me and Tyler were dating, and she admitted to me that she's not quite sure how we ended up together in the end because all the stories were of me being mean to Tyler, or ruining our dates somehow, or me breaking up with him. Rachel, here's another one for you:

I used to have these really really cute brown work shoes. They had a wedge heel and squarish toes, and a little button on the side. But, turns out, they made my feet smell, something I didn't really think a lot about.

The bank where I worked was maybe 1.5 miles away and I didn't have a car. To take the bus, I had to be at the bus stop at 10 after the hour. The ride was only 10 minutes long, and if I was working on the next hour, I'd have 40 minutes to kill. So, I walked, which only took about 30 minutes.

Because Tyler is chivalrous like that, once we started dating, he started picking me up from work so I wouldn't have to walk. After one long day, he picked me up, I kicked off my super cute work shoes and put my feet up on the dash.

Fast forward to years later, after we were married. Out of nowhere, or maybe we were talking about feet, Tyler says, "hey remember that day I picked you up and you put your feet on the dash?"

"Kind of"

"Your feet smelled so bad, and when you put them up on the dash, the smell was picked up by the air conditioning and was totally blowing in my face."

I haven't put my feet up on the dash since.


Bridget said...

Tyler is a good man, Amanda. I'm impressed.

Allison said...

I love your postings. I read almost everyday although I don't often comment. I love you.

Tyler Ball said...

Actually, you still put your feet up on the dashboard.

Cheryl said...

Wow...I'm impressed. He MUST have really liked you! (and still does!)

Myriah said...

I loved those shoes. They were fabulous.

Natchel said...

HAHAHAHA I'm so honored!
Tyler is a great guy to put up with stinky feet AND not say anything about it!
And he thinks I'm skinny. :)

Shawna said...

Props to Tyler for not saying anything. I definitely would have.

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