Sunday, September 06, 2009

Hungry Cowaparrot

When typing the title to this post, I asked Lillian to say "caterpillar" at least 10 times so I could get it exactly right. I'm not sure I did... It's somewhere between cowaparrot and carapillet. You might remember the last time we went to Character Story Time at the U of A. I thought enough time had elapsed that we could try it again. I prepped Lillian for a solid week to get her ready for this:

Nora, as you can see, was completely fearless. Lillian was pretty ok, she didn't want to touch him even though the bookstore helper assured her that he was very soft.

When we drove home, we took the back way. This back road follows the path of the Santa Cruz river, so every business is like... The Santa Cruz Mobile Park, or Santa Cruz Landscaping, or La Iglecia del Rio. Tyler and I joked that it should be called La Iglecia del Rio Sin Agua, because I've never seen a river in Arizona with water in it.

Not 10 minutes after we were laughing about our 'Sin Agua" joke, we actually drove over the Santa Cruz, and lo and behold... that hurricane has paid off.

Then, it turned out that there was a Safety Fair going on. We checked out the fire engine, a strapping young fireman offered to help Lillian get in the cab and look around... but he was a bit too strapping for her, so she declined..

Then we took a ride in Thomas. It was pretty awesome.


Carrie said...

What I notice when I look at that picture of storytime:

1) Lillian is right on about how scary that caterpillar is. She should trust her instincts.

2) You are very pretty.

Emily said...

Look at you doing all those fun things with your kids! I'm impressed!

Myriah said...



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