Thursday, September 03, 2009

In One Hour!

Every few weeks or so, we get a new movie from the library. This time around it's Cinderella. Lillian is obsessed with this film.

Not just putting on her Cinderella dress ups and watching it, but acting out ever scene.

Here, she's acting out when Cinderella (played by Tyler) goes to wake up her step-sisters (played by Lillian) at the very beginning and they load her down with washing and mending.

Lillian is saying, "Take this, and this too. And have this washing back in one hour. One. Hour. You hear me?"

Now Tyler knows how I feel.


The Clark's said...

Are you ready for some more sewing today! Yay!

Carrie said...

Tyler is a good dad. And a beautiful princess.

Cheryl said...

Tyler just might be my favorite Cinderella ever!

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