Monday, September 07, 2009

Backyard Landscaping

Our backyard right now is just dirt. Boring. Of course, we've been planning to landscape it, but it was sort of far down on the priorities list. #1 was a car for Tyler. #2 was blinds. #3 was couches for the front room. #4 was a piano for me. #5 (now #1, I guess) is landscaping the backyard.

We knew we wanted some bricks and some grass... but now that it's next on our to do, I can't decide how I want it. So I thought I'd leave it to the internet. Now, I know you're not surprised that Tyler built a scale model in SolidWorks of our backyard, because you shouldn't be. (Even the BBQ and patio set are to scale.)

These first two shots are of option one- Extending our current small patio.

Pro: it would be a larger flat area. You could just walk right out of the house to put stuff on the table for dinner and not have to walk around the BBQ.

Con: the table would mess up the line of sight to the lake if we wanted to have a porch swing and swing on it at night, or whatever.

And, option #2:

Pro: clear shot right out of the house to whatever swing set or climbing apparatus we want to put out there. Also, clean line of sight from future porch swing.

Con: left turn out of the house, seems to eat up more grass area.

I think we've mostly decided to get fake grass. Tyler was very anti fake grass until he accepted the fact that to have a lush, green Northern-California-type lawn, you'll lose your shirt to the water company. And, the Arizona grass that goes brown dormant in the summer is unacceptable, apparently.

I also want him to put a planter out there, but we've talked about that before. I'm still not sure that I'll grow actual food in it... maybe just some nice flowers.


Henderson Happenings said...

i vote option #2. a connecting path from the door to patio would look cool. and i'm in favor of fake grass as long as you don't plan on getting a dog.

Emily said...

Hey, I like option 2 as well. But what about that rumor that fake grass burns the bottoms of your feet off? You guys are doing good with your goals! I'm impressed.

Tyler Ball said...

to speed counting, amanda has added a poll, so make sure you remember to vote.

Jenna said...

I also vote #2.

Bridget said...

#2 and I am so jealous of your fake grass! Every time we passed it at Costco I would stroke it and love it and wish to own it. I can't wait to see pictures!

Carrie said...

where is your kitchen? inside the porch, or inside that other window? you should put the patio stuff where it's not going to block your kitchen view of the kids playing in the yard.

Myriah said...

So that is the only spot for your BBQ, huh?

Also, I voted #1. I feel like it is a true extension of your living space.

Or, I like the idea (not listed) of putting the patio in the corner of the lawn (that doesn't obstruct any views) with a cool walk-way to it. However, that BBQ is apparently a stickler. Does it connect to the gas line of your house or something? All I know is that we have 5 BBQs and not one is connected to the house.

Allison said...

Your house seems very rectangular. Also, there don't appear to be panes of glass in your windows. Weird.

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