Sunday, August 26, 2012

No ID, no airplane

We got back from Hawaii last week.  The whole trip was awesome, except for that whole our-car-window-getting-smashed-and-our-wallets-getting-stolen thing.  The pictures are on the computer upstairs and we're not technologically hip enough for our ancient laptop and our ancient desktop to talk to each other.  I'll post some eventually... just enough to make you a little jealous.

Until then, here are some highlights:

Most beautiful moment- Hiking down to the beach at dawn and watching the sun rise.

Most illegal moment- Breaking into a state park to go hike a waterfall.  (It seems like no one in Hawaii goes to work before 10.  Seriously people, that's 1 o'clock Arizona time.  I've been up since 2.)

Most relaxing moment- Chilling out on the soft fluffy sand and playing frisbee with Tyler for hours.

Most obnoxious moment- Trying to talk the lady at Quick Cash into giving us our money that Tyler's parents wired to us when we didn't have an ID.

Most touching moment- We attended church at some random ward in Honolulu.  We didn't know the family that was moving away, but that didn't stop me from crying like a baby when they invited the moving family to the front and sang "Aloha 'Oe."  Then people from the ward came up and gave them leis and kisses and said their goodbyes.  Tyler thought I was a little bit crazy because we didn't know these people, but it was so sweet, I felt like I knew them.

Tastiest moment- Tie between Thai Thai restaurant in Volcano that had the best pad thai and a pineapple stir fry thing that were THE MOST DELICIOUS THINGS I've eaten in forever.  We ate it so fast that the waitress was actually surprised.  AND Cheeseburger in Paradise in Waikiki.  We both had the California Burger which was the closest approximation of the Hana Burger from Sylvesters in Los Osos (the #1 best hamburger in the universe) that we could find.  It was pretty delicious, not as good as the Hana... but I think that would be impossible.

Saddest moment- Having to call the kids and tell them that they wouldn't let us on our flight because we didn't have IDs and that we would be home the next day instead of that night.

Most awe-inspiring moment- watching the fire knife dancers at the Polynesian Cultural Center.  Everything there was pretty cool, we should have spent more time there... but know... we were trying to change out our rental car and talk to the insurance company and what not.

Most ridiculous moment- Having ALL of the stuff in our carry-on being wiped down with the explosive-detecting wipes and the TSA agent seriously considering strip searching us.  US. Me and Tyler Ball.  But I guess you can't ever be too careful.

A huge thank you to my mom for watching our kids for the week, and to Tyler's parents for wiring us money when we were stranded, sunburned and half naked (because they also stole our clothes).
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