Friday, September 18, 2009

My cooking nemesis

Omelets were one of Cooking's greatest mysteries. I've tried on many, many occasions to make them, but I always screwed it up and ended up just eating scrambled eggs with stuff in it. I imagined the cooking gods were up on Olympus just laughing at me. "Look at her," they'd be saying. "Pitiful mortal, thinks she can cook an omelet. An omelet! Only the gods are worthy to fold eggs in half!"

But I knew that wasn't true. See, I had this friend Kent who, I'm pretty sure didn't know a whole lot about cooking, and he could make omelets with the best of them. Thus, I knew it was possible for us mere mortals.

So every once in a while I'll try again. And check it out:

Take that cooking gods! I just had a little snag up at the top, but otherwise it's a perfect sausage and cheese omelet.


Vivian said...

well done amanda. i hear what you say about kent. although, as far as can remember, it was ONLY thing he ate.

Anne said...

Broccoli for breakfast??? Weirded out!

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