Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Sunrise, Sunset

Untitled from Amanda Ball on Vimeo.

For Lillian, nothing is what it is. The spatula in the orange juice is the sun going up and down. The wipes are band-aids and she's Belle and the crib is the Beast who just got attacked by wolves trying to save Belle and she has to put the band-aids/wipes on him/it.

This tendency to be so whimsical and inventive sort of weirds other kids out, and that's only if they can figure out what the heck she's talking about. I usually can figure it out because I know what movies/shows she's watched recently, but sometimes I don't even know what she's talking about. Like last night, in her prayers, I'm pretty sure she said she was thankful for being thirsty (firsty). I looked at Tyler and he just shrugged his shoulders.


Emily said...

I'm sure everything crazy that our kids do would make perfect sense if we could follow their train of thought. She sure is a cutie!

Claire said...

that sounds like a passive aggressive way of asking for a drink, if you ask me.
i need to remember that tactic-

Anne said...


Allison said...

That's a fancy fridge I see in the background. Claire's funny.

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