Saturday, November 14, 2009

Gun imponderables

  • Tyler was telling his co-worker something he learned at the police station concerning the officers' guns by starting, "I've been around guns a lot and..." His co-worker stopped him and said something like, "but aren't you really religious?" The point being that religious people shouldn't like guns and all be pacifists.
I don't know...? Tyler pointed out that all the gun nuts belong to the Christian Right. But, why is that?
  • I read a lady's blog who lives in Texas and she wrote about her daughter's Veteran's Day Pageant at school. She said something like, "I'm sure you can all guess about my political leanings: I live in Texas and my husband owns a lot of guns." She went on to say something like, "I am conservative therefore I love my country." She went on with a heavy subtext that if you believe otherwise, politically speaking, you do not love your country.
What about owning guns makes you conservative? Why don't liberals like guns? And why can't I love my country if I don't love guns... or something?

Why are the most conservative states the fattest? Why are the most liberal people the stingiest when it comes to charity (which I can't find a map to back up, but I swear I've seen this on the news). I really don't know.


Bridget said...

Interesting points to ponder. I think sometimes there is the element that it's a slippery slope from food storage to owning guns to protect said food storage. Which terrifies me as well as makes me laugh.

thejerry said...

Good questions. I have no answers just another question. Why is the NRA so influential in politics?

Anne said...

I am going to answer all your questions in proof format, but i don't have time right now. I have to study for my strategies of proof class... It will start like this

"Liberals are stingier than republicans when donating to charity because they are poorer than republicans"

Proof: "Let john be an arbitrary liberal, and mark be an arbitrary conservative..." and it ends with "since john and mark were both arbitrary, i have proved all liberals are stingier than republicans when it comes to donating to charity." QED

Anne said...

I also wanted to say something about the relationship between owning guns and being conservative. Owning guns and being conservative is a conditional, not biconditional, relationship. If you are conservative you are probably down with (and maybe own) guns. But it doesn't go both ways. Like: If its snowing then its cold... but just because its cold it doesn't mean its snowing...............

And therefore the lady in Texas is retarded. QED.

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