Friday, November 06, 2009

Extra Time

Just to clarify:
  1. I did have some say in whether or not Tyler would work this extra time as it was completely optional.
  2. Tyler does get paid for his extra time, he just doesn't get time-and-a-half or anything. He just makes his regular salary.
Come back tomorrow for an account of my massive mommy meltdown I had today. After telling Tyler about it, he replied, "well, the sheets were feeling dry recently."

1 comment:

Brooke said...

Hi Amanda...
I don't know how I linked to your surfing one day and found it. I really enjoy reading your stories...they make me laugh. I also REALLY enjoy reading "Graceling". I'm about half way through it and cannot put it down. I'm surprised I put it down long enough to write this comment! (Actually, the battery on my Kindle died in the night so I'm waiting for technology to bring it back to me :)
Anyway, glad to see you and Tyler are doing well!
Brooke Brundage

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