Sunday, November 15, 2009

Story Town

It would appear that how much I enjoy events is directly related to how well they're organized. I'm talking about big events here, events that are advertised in multiple media. And, apparently, librarians are master organizers. But, you probably guessed that about them.

We went to Story Town yesterday, up in Tucson proper. What they do is act out 5 or 6 childrens' stories, like little mini-plays. I thought Lillian would really like it, but she didn't know any of the stories that they did, so she wasn't that into it.

The librarians, though. They planned for children like Lillian.

They had a princess village, which... I'm not sure what princess this is. Malevolent? Cleopatria?

Lillian was really excited to see Cinderella and Snow White from far away, but then got shy when we got up close.

They had little literacy-related games for the kids to play.


The Man in the Yellow Hat

Curious George. Aaaand, this picture is in the running of the worst picture of me ever. I think I was trying to lean down and give Lillian a reassuring squeeze because she was, apparently, not too hot on the idea of George touching her.

Not pictured: two mini art projects, a pretend post office, bubbles, and a booth where the kids could try on various civil servant-type outfits: firefighter, doctor, police man, etc.

Those librarians were on fire.

And, our best attempt at taking a family shot. You'd think the beeping of the timer would have let me know that it was going to go off, especially because this was our second try. But I guess that piece of taco on my face couldn't wait.


Bridget said...

I LOVE Story Town! It was always so much fun.

That picture of Lillian with Clifford is classic. If you could just, you know, photoshop a certain something out of it.

Did you see Jennifer the storytime lady there?

Anne said...

Do I have to have children to go to these types of events?

Allison said...

The Man With the Yellow Hat looked different than I remember him looking. Also... I think we should combine all the really awful pictures of ourselves into it's own blog post. I have a few of myself that are pretty hideous.

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