Thursday, November 12, 2009

Iron and Whine

I mentioned before that I'm now taking iron supplements and they make it so I'm not tired all the time. Which, I really like. No longer do I fall asleep on the couch at 8 at night. No longer do I start thinking about when I can go back to sleep the minute I wake up. But also, no longer can I fall asleep at will.

I'm now figuring out that I treated sleeping sort of like a hobby. If I was bored, or out of things to do, I could take a nap. If Nora woke up at 5:30, I could feed her and then go back to sleep, even if I fell asleep at 9 the previous night.

I cannot do these things anymore because I'm Not Tired. Today marks the second day in a row I've been up before six. It's awful and bizarre.I miss the feeling of being exhausted and falling into bed to blissfully welcome the loving blanket of sleep. Now, I go to bed because it's time and if I don't go now, I won't get 8 hours.

Yesterday, I was really sick and tired and feverish and needed to get some sleep and it was hard. It took a few tries because even though I had the door closed, I could hear Nora fuss, and Lillian talking to Tyler about how she really wants to go visit mom in her bed, and the microwave open and close, and fire engines, and airplanes, and children playing outside. Is this what it's like for normal people? How do you live like this?


Belle of the Blues said...

Welcome to my life. I have never been able to sleep 'at will' and never took naps, even when I had newborns. I find the key to being tired at night is exercising hard at least every other day. Sometimes I'll work out two or three days, and be really tired at night, but if I go two days in a row without exercising, I'm not tired. Having never been a tired person, I find sleepiness to be incredibly debilitating. The one time I remember being really, really tired was when I was pregnant with Soren. I hate feeling tired, unless I am in bed and it is late at night. Anyway, good luck with that one. Austin can fall asleep anytime, anyplace, too, and so can your mom.

Bridget said...

That IS what it's like! How funny to hear a description of the other side. Sleeping, a hobby. Imagine! :)

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