Sunday, October 18, 2009

Apple Annie's

A friend once called Tucson a barren wasteland. This is sort of true. But, they have farms in Willcox; farms like Apple Annie's, which we visited yesterday. You can see our (only) friends the Clarks in the upper left corner in the Maize Maze, where we lost Lillian for the most stressful 30 seconds of the day. The corn tub was by far the favorite attraction.

It was really really windy, which made these sunflowers sort of scary for the girls. It also picked up a nice layer of dust which coated us from head to toe.

They had a man handing out free samples of this kettle corn. What a scam: in the words of Homer Simpson, "Get us addicted, then jack up the price!" Whatever you do, don't click on this picture to make it bigger and see whatever weird thing I'm doing with my eye.

We also visited the apple orchard, but after waiting at least an hour in line for the BBQ, we were tapped out and just bought some pre-picked apples, which compared to See Canyon apples are just average. But, See Canyon apples are the best apples I've ever had in my whole life ever and are the stuff my dreams are made out of. So, my standards are probably a little high.


Myriah said...

I'm proud of you for diggin' into Tucson culture.

The Clark's said...

Ummm where were we with all those cute pumpkins? I guess by the free kettle corn that we never ventured too and instead ate yours. Cute pictures!

Claire said...

i'm jealous you got to go through a corn maze. up here by me, in dixon, they have the largest corn maze in the world. it's pretty awesome. but the typhoon-bred storm we had here last week totally destroyed the field. like, flattened. i guess i'll have to wait until next year.

Anne said...

maize maze....mehmehmeh... you're funny. Allison - you should tell that one to Tristan, but then you would probably have to define maize to him, and by that time this joke may have lost it's steam.

Natchel said...

Is there anyone in the known blogging universe that saw "don't click on the picture to see the weird thing I did with my eye" and didn't immediately click on it?

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