Sunday, October 25, 2009

This never happens

Yesterday was the Green Valley Country Fair Parade. I'm always up for a good parade, so we decided to go. I knew about this parade because a week ago, I had received a flyer in the mail advertising it and announcing to me the existence of a local radio station, KGVY 1080, that would be broadcasting parade updates and news leading up to the broadcast of the actual parade. I noted the time and the parade route on my calendar.

As we were driving down to Green Valley, I tuned the radio to said station to get all the up-to-the-minute info on the parade action, and to see if there was a specific place we were supposed to park, or something. The first words we heard were, "And we still have 5 tickets to the U of A-UCLA game this afternoon, so call us at blah blah blah." Tyler pulled out his phone and dialed so fast.

Tyler and I had talked about buying tickets, but it wasn't in our budget. I had toyed with the idea of trying to win tickets earlier in the week. All the radio stations were giving them away, but it was always something tricky: like you had to listen for a certain song, or collect all the words of the day, and call in and be the 8th caller. I can't be bothered with that.

Then there we were. A guy on the local radio station that broadcasted to maybe 50,000 retirees just had tickets that he couldn't use, so he thought he'd offer them up on the air to whomever. AND WE GOT THEM.

Good: The parade was great. It even had the Shriners in their little cars, which Lillian thought was hilarious.

Bad: We sat near a utility box that had a beehive in it, so we were tormented for a good hour before we gave up our prime spots to move away from the bees.

Good: Our (only) friends were perfect to give the 2 extra tickets to.

Bad: They couldn't come... and in the height of our lameness, we couldn't find anyone else to give them to. Seriously.

Good: The game was good and fun and U of A fans are Very Enthusiastic.

Bad: Nora cried every time the U of A got a 1st down, or kicked off, or ran a play, or pretty much did anything.

Also bad: I just happened to be wearing a light blue shirt yesterday and didn't even consider it would look like I was supporting those fiendish Bruins. I didn't get very many dirty looks, but I made sure to be extra wary.

Good: We left during the 3rd quarter (bad: when our kids were freaking out) and the score was 27-13 Wildcats, which according to the internets, was the final score, so it seems we didn't miss much. And the U of A won.

Bonus discussion question: Why is Arizona's battle cry BEAR DOWN? Their mascot is the wildcat... and it is all over e v e r y t h i n g around campus (like the Bear Down Bike Path), so I'm 100% positive it had nothing to do with beating UCLA, who's mascot is the bruin, a bear. Also, did they consider how shouting BEAR DOWN would sound to uninitiated ears? How did such a phrase catch on?


Bridget said...

I've always wondered about that Bear Down thing. Besides the non-connection to Wildcats, it always reminds me of childbirth. Or going to the bathroom. Ew.

The Clark's said...

Rub salt in the wound. Gee Thanks. We know, we know, we regret our decision after we were done with our chores and staring at each other wondering what we should do next. We should have gone to the game.

Natchel said...

Were we the friends that couldn't go? Because its a 4 hour drive woman! and you asked at like 11! :) haha I was just laughing about that! It's too bad though because we would have loved to go! Nate was really bummed when I told him about it

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