Saturday, October 03, 2009

The Fan Fort

Last night, we watched a family of kids from our ward. They left about 7 o'clock. I had Nora in the bath and forced Lillian to get in with her. Out by 7:20, Nora's in bed by 7:30. Exactly one half hour until Lillian was supposed to start her bedtime routine, which was already half over because she took her bath early.

Enter a fan tent. When I was growing up, we had a much more powerful fan which supported a much bigger sheet. Last night though, this was all we had to work with. Also, we do not own a set of encyclopedias which absence I've never felt until last night when I was trying to secure the sheet with the Twilight and Harry Potter books. Lillian enjoyed it but it made me claustrophobic. Maybe if we get a bigger fan I can do it again.


Allison said...

Ok... first you need to push your couches together facing each other.. like making a giant bed. Then, you need your king-size flat sheet. You tuck the sheet in around the couches and then turn on your bigger fan. Instant giant tent. See pics posted by Andrew in April 09 on his Adizl blog.

Emily said...

You do the coolest things. Honestly, I'm very impressed.

Anne said...

you look so pretty in that last picture..... for realzies.

Meghan+Jason+Baby said...

That looks fun!! If Carlie was bigger I'd do that with her .. but since she's not .. I might just have to do that for me!! :)

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