Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Tuesday Reminiscences: In which Tyler explores what we all know

My friend Emily came over and asked me how to use iMovie. By way of demonstration, I poked around on the computer and found two raw clips and made this little movie.

It's not that great, and I'll understand if you never read this blog again because the movie was so lame, but it has one part that I think is really funny.

We took this trip in March of 2008. We went to DC for a week and then drove up to Boston for a week. During these weeks we saw a lot of historical sites. I planned most of the trip, so I knew all about the historical significance of our stops.

After visiting a few sites, we settled into a regular routine: we would arrive and look around for 5 or 10 minutes, then Tyler would say something like, "so, what was the Boston Tea Party?" Or whatever it was. Let's just say history is not his strong suit.

We decided to visit Concord the last day of our trip. It was ridiculously cold; it was the same 32˚ that it was in Boston proper, but for whatever trick of humidity it felt at least 10 degrees colder. We stopped at the tourism office to get a map and the old ladies told Tyler that he just had to stop at the Old North Bridge. As we were driving there, Tyler asked why we would want to see a bridge and I told him it's because that's where The Shot Heard 'Round The World happened. Blank stare. Then he said what had become sort of a catch phrase for him on that trip, "Just pretend I don't know anything about history, or the Revolutionary War."

I explained it all to him in the car, which is why he makes the "everybody knows that" comment. I had explained a lot of things on this trip, but I think him not knowing what the Shot Heard 'Round The World was shocked me a little bit.

And for the record, Tyler is very smart when it comes to math, science, engineering, problem solving, and finding his way around unfamiliar places. If I'd gone to Boston by myself, I'd probably still be lost to this day.


The Clark's said...

Thanks again for showing me the ropes!

Emily said...

Every time you write about Tyler I think...he sounds a LOT like Tom. I actually liked the movie, but I get to go to Boston in a week so maybe that's why :). You are very talented with imovie.

Anne said...

I rate that movie at a b, plus points for great music (who is that??) and plus points for commentary, but negative points for action, and there are no robots, which automatically takes it down a step. I rate your blog with an A, because I also don't know the story behind the "shot heard round the world." What is it? Plus you're funny and I like you.

Tyler Ball said...

Just to clarify, I knew what the shot heard 'round the world was thanks to School House Rock. I just didn't know what the Old North Bridge had to do with it. You can say "the old _______" and refer to just about anything in Boston which makes keeping them all straight a little difficult in my opinion. I guess now I'll never forget The Old North Bridge.

Lu&Moo said...

I stole your background song for my Autumn Song post. Just so you know.

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