Saturday, August 01, 2009

Bodies of Water

Lillian's super smiley face. I think she looks a little Anime when she does it.

As the Ashbys say, "You haven't really visited a place until you immerse yourself in a body of water," or something like that. The problem with Tucson is, there are no bodies of water (except the pool, but I'm not sure that counts).

Until now. We just got back from the 3rd annual City of Tucson Mud Puddle party. Of course, like the professional blogger that I am, I made sure to forget my camera. So, I don't have any pictures to show you How Much Fun we had. They had made mud puddles for all ages so we spent quite a bit of time in the toddler area and playing at the mud tables before Tyler and I decided to go head to head in the obstacle course.

They had 3 obstacle courses (for different age groups) and the oldest one was for years 9+. This is really why I wanted to do it for, I am convinced I can do anything a nine year old can do. If it was for 13+, I may have had my doubts, but 9 year olds: bring it on. The biggest downside to the obstacle course was waiting in line right by where the fire engine was spraying hoards of screaming children who squealed with delight every time they would focus the stream and spray all the people waiting in line to run the obstacle course. My kids loved that part. Nora especially. (Although, at that point, I was glad we didn't have the camera.)

It was pretty lucky that right when we were getting to the front of the line, we spotted some friends of ours who agreed to watch the kids so we could go head-to-head. The course was like a low-tech version of Wipeout. I wasn't sure which of us had the advantage - Tyler is definitely faster, but there were some obstacles that you had to crawl under and/or scramble through and I'm smaller. When it came down to it, his long legs were such a big advantage when slogging through the 2 feet of mud, that he beat me soundly.

So, if 2 feet of mud counts as a body of water, Tucson, consider yourself conquered by The Balls.

The other highlight was watching the Tucson firemen run the obstacle course. After that, I needed the cold spray of the fire engine.


Bridget said...

HILARIOUS. I've always wanted to do the mud party but we've never been in town for it. So fun to read your description of it.

PS - try to worm your way into getting Lillian invited to a kids' birthday party being held at Pump It Up, and then both you and Tyler go. There is lots of obstacle course racing to be done there. Travis Dover had his party there last December and it was the most fun I had all year.

Anonymous said...

How fun!!! You'll have to plan for next year!!

Carrie said...

In Tucson, mud totally counts as a body of water. You could probably just roll around in the dirt and it would still count.

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