Monday, August 03, 2009

It's not so much a laugh...

I was outside with Lillian, playing with sidewalk chalk when Tyler poked his head out and told me that he found Nora a new best friend.

Besides Nora's non-ladylike chuckle-laugh, I have two other exciting pieces of news:

1. Allison sent me The 30-Day Shred. As Lillian was asleep and Nora was on auto-pilot, I decided to do it right when I got it. Aaaaand, I'm not going to be able to walk tomorrow. But, don't worry, Jillian already made me feel lame about it by telling me the 400 lb people could do more jumping jacks than I can. Allison got a copy for herself (for our birthdays: "Happy birthday, here's a kick in the pants") so she's doing it too. I think she's on day 3 now, so I can't quit. I will keep you posted.

2. This next bit of news concerns Lillian, and it is the most exciting thing that's happened to me (concerning her) since she was born: she is starting preschool tomorrow.

I feel giddy just typing it.

It happened like this: I have been thinking about looking into preschool since Lillian turned 3 a couple weeks ago. In a conversation with the above named sister, she informed me that I could expect to pay $100 per month per number of days per week Lillian attends, as in $100 for 1 day/week, $200 for 2 days/week, and so on. If I had a spare $200 lying around each month, I wouldn't be suffering so much for lack of Jamba Juices. So, I decided to talk to the ladies at church to see if they wanted to do a co-op preschool. I'm in the social dungeon that is primary, so I snuck out and went to Relief Society, made an announcement, and left my number. After church, a woman approached me and said they had a co-op going and they were looking for a 6th member and they start this week!

Two days a week from 9-11:30. I am beyond excited about this.


krissiecook said...

That is pretty much awesome about preschool. Some of Stellan's contemporaries are already starting at age 2, which makes me half sad and half jealous. By three, I hope to winnow out the sad, leaving nothing but joy that he will be learning so many new things from people that are not me.

Emily said...

Your sister has been affected by CA prices-I don't pay near that...but I am thrilled for Lillians new adventure, preschool is the best! And Nora's laugh is awesome.

Myriah said...

I'm pretty sure that laugh is going to haunt my dreams tonight.

Myriah said...

Also, I just added The 30-day Shred to my netflix queue.

Bridget said...

Awesome for you, and for Lillian. She'll love it.

We pay $100/month here in Ithaca for 3x/week for Miriam at a Cornell place. But we get a discount.

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