Wednesday, August 12, 2009

All about Daddy

In honor of Tyler's birthday today, I interviewed Lillian to find out more about him.

Q: What's daddy's name?
A: Tyler Ball.

Q: When's daddy's birthday?
A: Cake.

Q: Where is daddy from?
A: He's sleeping.

Q: Where does daddy go all day?
A: Daddy be worried, has to come home.

Q: What does daddy do for his job?
A: A cake. A work cake.

Q: He does cakes for his job?
A: Yeah.

Q: So, he's a baker for his job?
A: Yeah. He's a baker. (He's an aerospace engineer)

Q: What's daddy's favorite food?
A: A glass of milk to drink.

Q: What does daddy like to do for fun?
A: Play toys.

Q: What's daddy's favorite toy?
A: Rings. (Nora's stacker toy that Lillian has claimed for her own and likes to pretend that they're bagels or bracelets and/or stack them on her head and knees.)

Q: Who's daddy's favorite?
A: I ate snack at preschool. I eat the animal crackers, not the apple.

Q: What's your favorite thing about daddy?
A: Daddy likes to color with me in my princess book.

Q: Is daddy ever naughty?
A: Yeah.

Q: What does he do that's naughty?
A: Poking your bum.

Q: What games do you like to play with daddy?
A: Candyland.

Q: Who wins when you play, you or daddy?
A: I win. (This is true. I've witnessed at least 10 games of Candyland with the two of them and Tyler has only won one time. Ever.)

Q: Do you want to take a trip with daddy?
A: Yeah. YEAH!

Q: Where would we go on our trip?
A: A trip. Mom, she's chewing on my markers. (Nora has gotten a hold of the blue marker.)

Q: What present should we get daddy for his birthday?
A: A work cake.

Q: What does that taste like?
A: It tastes like marshmallows.

Q: Do you love daddy?
A: Yes. Yes. Yes.

Me too.

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The hillz r alive said...

Amanda, that interview was too cute. You could publish that as a children's book....You could have lillian's little face on every picture :)

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