Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Princesses

Lillian got some princess dress-ups for her birthday. And, what's fun about having a little sister if you can't torture her?

And, what's fun about having long hair if you can't sneak off and cut it yourself? I usually let Lillian cut up my magazines when I'm done with them. Mom says that it helps build the muscles in their little arms that they need for writing. She was happily cutting away on the living room floor when I got busy doing whatever and I hear her perky little voice calling from the other room, "Mom! Mom! Mom! Come see!" From how excited she was, I gather she didn't know how naughty it was.

I don't know if you've ever met a 3-year old, but holding still is not a top priority. So, Lillian's hair is a little bit rock star.

Lillian, close your mouth.

And, just to make things even, here's an update on Nora's chunkiness.

This one is for Anne and everyone else who's jealous of my baby's eyelashes.

To get an idea of how large this child is, this is the same shirt Lillian wore in our family pictures when she was 18 months old. Nora is 7 months.


Emily said...

I have a couple of comments:
1. I love your posts and how you talk about your daily life, etc.
2. I have the same dress up set.
3. My kids haven't cut their own hair yet but yesterday Tommy (I don't know HOW he got the scissors) was trying to cut Eliza's hair. Oh boy.

Anonymous said...

I'm dreading the day Mia cuts her hair!!!

Myriah said...

I hate perky voices.

Elizabeth said...

That's a great shot of the eyelash. Impressive!

Natchel said...

First of all, I love that picture of Nora in the dress ups.
Secondly, I really love her new haircut actually! It's very 80's Teen Witch.
And I am one of the ones who covets Nora's eyelashes.

krissiecook said...

I was four when I cut my own hair, as well as my sister's. Clever little girl that I was, I realized I had done something naughty, so I decided to hide the evidence (the shorn locks themselves). I guess I didn't think she'd notice the missing 12 inches of hair on my head and the new bald look my two-year-old sister was rocking.
Anyway, my plans were foiled when she discovered the hair, which I had cleverly concealed in her slippers. My sister has never forgiven me, because it took her about three years to grow her hair back, and the whole time people thought she was a boy. I have never forgiven her because, when it did eventually grow back, it was curly and mine was straight. (Before the big chop, I had lovely long wavy blonde hair, her's was straight as could be.) I've never been able to hold a curl since.
Let that be a lesson to you, Lilian: the hair gods will curse you for taking liberties!

Macon Family said...

How cute they are in their little dress up princess outfits! Good old self-haircuts...that's always a fun one!

Allison said...

The princess pictures are a riot.

Caitlin said...

I am loving the princess outfits. As for the hair, it sounds like you weren't too upset. Nothing you can do about it now! I love Nora's rolls and lashes. I just want to give her legs little love pinches and kiss her sweet cheeks! Did that sound creepy?

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