Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Gozer the Destructor

As I was making dinner last night, Tyler was playing with Lillian and kind of letting Nora do her thing. We were having left overs, so I was pretty much just making green beans and heating up the rest of the pasta, so it took all of 15 minutes. In that time, Nora managed to completely destroy our toy corner. Granted it's not the most organized space on the best of days, but check out the picture from left to right: she pulled multiple pages out of the Sesame Street coloring book; emptied and scattered the plastic bin that holds dolls/toys/Handy Manny and all his tools (Pat the hammer is in the foreground); scattered her ring stackers; pulled several dress-ups out of the box, sucked on the box, upended the box; pulled a pillow off the chair and deposited it in the pile; attempted, but failed, to open the Mr. Potato Head bag; dumped out all the wooden blocks and was sucking on one of the arch-shaped ones when we finally put a stop to her rampage. I was setting the table when I heard Tyler say, "I'm just going to start calling you 'Gozer the Destructor.'"

Speaking of Nora, my brother told me about this website. I apologize for the suggestive-sounding name. But, it makes cool pictures.

My assembly job was not so good. But, I had Lillian right there, and she (for whatever reason) did not want to assemble a picture of Nora, and felt that if she hijacked the pages and put them in her own order, somehow it would make a picture of Thomas the Train.


Anne said...

I'm taking credit for telling Andrew about that website.

Rileigh said...

I really like your kids, have I told you that?

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