Saturday, April 04, 2009

How Nora broke my heart

First, let's show off our new carpet. Sure we had to drive way across town to get it, but we got a killer deal on this finished remnant. It also shows Nora before....

And here's Nora after.

I think it was quite a shock.

And really, she hated it.

I never knew that I actually wanted Nora to stay a baby, but today, she rolled over. And, it broke my heart.


Myriah said...

Is that a clothes line you have attached to your TV?

Allison said...

She's sooo cute!!! I keep telling Jack he has to sleep in a drawer every night so he can stay small... it's not working.

Anonymous said...

Grandma Jeanne was over the other day and told Nathan he needed to stand with bricks on his head. I know that somedays I can't wait until they grow, then they reach to hold your hand and it's over.

A.Calder said...

soon as the trailers done, I'll make a road trip out there....just dont hold your breath though..

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