Friday, April 17, 2009

Colossal Caves

While the cousins were here, we headed over to Colossal Caves in Vail. These caves are 'dead,' as in, no new formations are being formed, so you can take pictures inside.

We were on a tour, so I couldn't ever sit in one spot long enough to get set up to take any good pictures. This one turned out pretty ok, probably because I used young Brandon's head as my tripod. It's a picture of the resident witch and her cat. The cat is the shadow on the bottom, easy enough to spot. The witch's nose is long and pointy on the top left. Here eye is just to the right of the shadow and her mouth is just above the cat's ears. See it?

And, ta da! My mom came too! I bet you're starting to feel silly for not coming too, because anyone who is anyone was at our house last week.

The following series of pictures illustrates how frustrating Lillian's whimsical nature can be. Hey kids, get together for a picture. Where's Lillian? Over on the telescopes. Lillian! LILLIAN!! Grandma, can you help?

Lillian is crying for her precious telescope. So much for me trying to feed her curiosity about what those big metal things were.

Telescopes forgotten, she's moved on to this mysterious wooden box thing. What is this? Tonya's children are starting to lose interest in the picture.

Ah, there we go. Sort of.

This picture captures Lillian, I think. Always on the go, always interested in something else.

Those kids thought this metal food sign was fascinating.

Here's a flower grandma.

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