Thursday, April 02, 2009

As requested

Chantel requested more pictures of Nora. I'm always happy to comply. Ok, I'll admit, her outfit is a little odd, and with good reason. Last night, I had a dream that I had a migraine. I woke up, to find that I actually did have a migraine. My wonderful husband knows the drill: pain meds, cold washcloth, keep the kids quiet, do not disturb on threat of death or dismemberment. So, he got up with the girls, changed diapers, fed Lillian breakfast, made beds, and got them dressed. I like that guy, even if he picks out slightly mismatched things for the kids to wear.

And, I love these chunky legs; I just want to eat them.

Here she is, mesmerized by the camera. When Lillian was born, I thought she looked very much like a Ball. Nora, I think, has much more Calder in her. I mean, look at those eyebrows. They're actually my sister Amy's, I stole them and put them on my baby. Also, notice the burp cloth under her head. See yesterday's post.

Lillian is distressed by the fact that Nora has no neck. I told her it will grow in later.

Lillian was not to be left out of our photo shoot. She's trying to show off her nails. Somehow, it's not working.

There we go.

I hate this toy. Mr. The King is very loud and makes racing noises at the slightest provocation. Somehow, he snuck into the diaper bag last Sunday, so at the every jiggle, the bag would yell, "Out of the way!"

My girl though, she's cute.


Bridget said...

She is getting to be so pretty. I am jealous of her rolls (on behalf of my baby, not myself)!

Tyler Ball said...

I think the outfit is just fine.

Allison said...

She's so cute. Thanks for posting more pictures. She's changed so much from the first newborn pictures. Maybe it's the additional insulation she's wearing.

Myriah said...

So that's what Nora looks like! I'm glad you gave more than one picture. You know how when you read a book, you imagine characters in your own way, and when you see an artist's rendition, or you see an actor for the part you aren't sure what to think anymore?

Well, Nora was never described to me, so when you mention her name, I couldn't think of anything. My default was to think of a baby blanket, or when I needed to imagine a face, it was Lillian's.

Bluebell said...

This post cracked me up. You are so funny. Nora is darling! I love fat babies. Thanks for the photos of both your lovely girls.

Anonymous said...

I just want to hold her!!! Ugh!!! She has my eyebrows? Who would have thought?

Clint and Gillian said...

Nora is just TOOO cute! And I can't believe how big Lillian is! I miss you guys!!!! :(

Steph said...

You know I have a vague memory of Lillian in such an outfit. But I think it was because the red pants were the only ones that fit her at the time, and the pink top was once again... tyler's idea.

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