Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cheese grater of death

Google has failed me.

Tonight when I was doing the dishes, I cut myself on the iron maiden side of the box grater. You know what I'm talking about. There's the regular cheese grater side, the cheese slicer side, the little grater side, and the side of death. I've cut myself on that side at least 12 times in my life.

I wanted to know what the heck that side is even for, so I Googled. And, I've got nothing. Well, I learned that it's called a coarse grater, but I have no idea what you would grate on that sucker, or how the heck you'd clean it after doing said coarse grating.

Anyone else have this problem?


BrittneyGrace said...

So I did some research..."Coarse Grater For Grating of Chocolate, Hard Cheese, Coconut, Ginger and Garlic" I didn't know what the corse grater was for so I looked it up:

Your daughters are absolutely beautiful by the way!! ~Brit

Emily said...

I don't know if this is sanctioned or not, but I always use it if I need lemon zest. And..I'm sorry you cut yourself.

Claire said...

good grief, amanda. take care of yourself.

Myriah said...

You can't fight with the poop when you're injured. You just can't.

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