Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday Reminiscences: In which I channel my forebears

I was at The Wal-Mart today, in the sewing section (I wanted to buy bias tape to make Lillian an apron out of a dishcloth, which I'll have to post pictures of sometime, because it's really cute. I didn't want to go to The Wal-Mart to get it, because it's a little far away and I'm into helping my local economy, and I saw that there's a quilting store not that far from my house. In the car, I told Lillian we were going to the store. We pulled up, and it was a trailer in a shady looking dirt lot. Lillian, always quick, said, "Mom, that's not a store, it's a trailer and there's monsters in there." I thought she was probably right, so we drove down to The Wal-Mart), and I saw that they have patterns for Halloween costumes out already. As I looked over them, I thought to myself that no way, no how could I top last year.

And, I realized I never posted pictures of Lillian in her full outfit, complete with umbrella.

I think our regular camera was broken, or lost, or both, so I took these with the camera function on our video camera... so they're not that nice. I think that's why I didn't post them before; they were not up to my exacting standards.

But, the cuteness is too much to keep underwraps any longer. Any ideas for this year? I'd like to do something even more disgustingly cute, that involves the whole family with some sort of theme... like... make Lillian can be a Wii, Nora can be a Wiimote, and Tyler can be the TV. Something like that, except not lame like that idea.


Clint and Gillian said...

i actually kinda like the idea about being Wii stuff...thats too funny, i really like that!! :) and its sooo original! i mean come on, who's gonna think to be a Wii? Only the Balls...:)

Jenna said...

Some friends of ours in San Rafael had the best, most disgustingly cute costumes last yer. They dressed their baby daughter up as a bee, dressed Mommy up as the flower, and dressed Daddy up as the beekeeper. And I know you could be all over that, Amanda.

The Duke said...

go original.
go princess.

Myriah said...

Oh man, this post is stressing me out.

Halloween costumes? Oh man...

I have a hard enough time dressing myself... now I need to think about my future children?

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