Saturday, July 11, 2009

Zion's and a day in SLC

To get to the 15 from the freeway that comes through Flagstaff, you have to go west a little. There are many little freeways that will take you over, one of which runs through Zion National Park.

At first, we were going to just drive through and ogle the pretty views from the car. We decided to stop when we saw that the Weeping Rock hike was only .5 miles and labeled 'Easy.' This was just our speed as our stroller was in the garage, waiting patiently to be packed.

Lillian loved this little stream best of all. We spent at least 10 minutes looking at it, but not touching it; there was a big sign that said the stream contained giardia and that we'd die if we drank out of it.

This is the Weeping Rock. What happens is that water seeps down into the spongy rock until it reaches a non-porous layer, at which point it travels more or less horizontally, until it comes out of the rock face. Where we were standing, it was like a light drizzle, and Lillian hated it.

Here's the pretty rocks.

We tried to get a picture of us and the pretty rocks behind, but the camera wouldn't flash. I'm not that savvy with the photography, or the editing, so this is what we got.

Update: Tyler took this as a challenge and produced the following:

Up the 15 to Tracy and Tricia's house. Tyler doesn't think he and his brother look anything alike.

Tracy and Tricia have two dogs. This one is Sugar. Lillian had a love/hate relationship with Sugar. On the one hand, she is big enough that Lillian can ride her... like a horse. On the other hand, Sugar is just a puppy and doesn't know that she is horse sized, and knocked Lillian down on a number of occasions while bestowing massive amounts of sloppy kisses, which might have been interpreted by Lillian as Sugar trying to eat her face off. However, Lillian tried to call Sugar on her bean bag yesterday, so I think all is forgiven.

Tracy and Tricia also have MacGyver, or MacGeyser as Lillian calls him. MacGyver is older and more seasoned and more willing to just sit still. Much more Lillian's speed.

I wish we lived closer to these guys. Still to come: IDAHO.


Natchel said...

hahaha they look like twins but one of the twins has a huge 'stache....

Anne said...

your baby is so chubby!! cutes!

Caitlin said...

I am loving that family picture that Tyler fixed up. You look really good, I mean like Christmas-Card-Photo good.

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