Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Middle Idaho Days + Tuesday Reminescences

Ok, this Tuesday, we're going to talk about me versus the yellow jacket. While in Idaho, Brian's (visible below, just to my left) mom let us stay in her 5th wheel out back. This arrangement worked out perfectly and we are very thankful for her hospitality. However, we weren't the only ones who liked the 5th wheel. While in and around the thing, we were almost constantly under attack by yellow jackets. I did not encounter these guys anywhere else during my time in Idaho, whatever that means.

After breakfast on the 4th, I went back out to the trailer to brush my teeth and finish primping. As I walked in, a wasp followed me, so I left the door open hoping that it would just fly back out. It did not fly back out, it flew right into my hair.

Those of you who know me in real life can probably guess that I did not react calmly to the situation. And, in the course of carrying out my not-calm reaction, in which there was much jumping, screaming, and flailing, I injured myself. The end.

Here we are awaiting the start of the parade. Oddly, this is the only picture I have of Allison or Brian.

Lillian took her job of gathering up the salt water taffy very seriously. We were the sole candy gatherers for the family because the boys were in the parade.

If we had only remembered to bring our goat, we could have been in the parade, too.

Here are 'them boys on their motorbikes.' I uploaded the small version of the picture, sorry, so you can't click on it to make it bigger, but they're all there.

After the parade, and the BBQ at Aunt Rosie's house, the boys took another few laps around the dirt bike track that runs around the house. On the right there is the trailer we stayed in.

Here is Nora and Baby Hudson. Living in Arizona, where the low in the dead of night is somewhere around 80˚, it did not occur to me that my children would do anything that would require them to wear pants. Thus, when we went to the fireworks, Nora had to wear these leopard jammie pants and endure much redicule. And, that's a pretty standard face for Hudson. He's the crankiest baby I've ever seen.

The fireworks display was put on by the local fire department. I can totally see the logic in this. They would set off a few, and then stop because the hill was on fire, walk down, put out the fire, and repeat the process. I learned a lot at that fireworks display, for example, in Idaho Philadelphia Freedom by Elton John counts as a patriotic song and although it's spelled Pocatello, it's pronounced Pocatell-a or Pokey, for short.

Still to come: The moon, in Idaho.


Bridget said...

Awesome. Did you know they'd be throwing candy at the parade ahead of time? I didn't, and it was quite a (pleasant) surprise when they threw salt water taffy at the parade in Malad. I guess it's an Idaho thing.

Anne said...

I want bigger pictures.

Marti said...

Too bad you didn't get a video of the yellow jacket incident. I'll bet that was funny. hee hee

Anonymous said...

I can picture the nightmare that occurred in the trailer. Lots of thrashing about- that's Amanda

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