Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday

Lillian turned 3 last Thursday. She had been asking and asking about her party. At first she really wanted a princess party and a princess cake.

This is not a princess cake. See, we decided to invite a boy and I didn't want to subject him to all that pink, so we had an Einstein's party. This is our first foray into serious cake decorating. I made fondant and Tyler free handed Rocket out of the same.

I'm really pleased with how the whole party turned out. I didn't ask any of the kid's parent's permission to put their pictures up here, so I can't show off the fun freeze dance game we played. We also made white mud which was a huge huge hit.

Lillian loved the whole day. She loved being the center of attention and us doing everything she wanted to do and blowing out the candles and singing Happy Birthday and wearing a birthday hat all day long.

Happy Birthday kid, you were worth the 30 some-odd hours of labor it took to bring you into this world.


Rileigh Anne said...

awesome cake I am very impressed!

Emily said...

You are amazing for making that very cool cake and for asking permission to post other people's pictures, to be honest-that has never occurred to me, but I can see why that would be important.

Vivian said...

that cake is quite impressive. way to go team effort.

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