Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What if...?

Sometimes I like to ask Tyler whatever weird question pops into my head. Tonight, over shakes at Johnny Rockets, I was thinking about the movie Mr. Destiny, and I asked Tyler how he would verify my identity if he wasn't sure I was me. I'm pretty sure he hasn't seen Mr. Destiny so I didn't want to confuse my point with trying to explain the plot.

Me: What question would you ask me if you weren't sure I was me?
Tyler: What?
Me: Like, if you suspected I was a robot or an alien or something and you had to make sure I was really me. What is something you would ask me that only I would know the answer to?
Tyler (no hesitation): Whats four times five?
Me (a little confused): um... 20.
Tyler: Too slow, not a robot.

There followed a long conversation about robots and downloading memories (Tyler: they could have stolen all your memories so all I would have to go on is pure processing time) and how it would probably be an alien robot if it was so convincing that he wouldn't be sure if it was human or not.

I love my husband. I was looking for something like: what song did I play when I proposed, or what did I nickname the cat across the street. Nope, that's not his style.


allison.plummer said...

I like that story. It's funny.

Tyler Ball said...

I like it too. That's just what I would have said.

Claire said...

This is hilarious. I like Tyler.

Anne & Aaron said...

You made me laugh out loud at my desk - someone is going to think i'm not working...

Myriah said...

Oh man, that was way funny.

What's four times five?

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