Thursday, October 02, 2008

We all knew I was a hippie

We all knew I was a closet hippie. No use denying it. When Lillian was small, I used cloth diapers on her for a portion of her life. I used the Fuzzi Bunz brand which does allow for a little growth, but not much. She eventually grew out of them, and I stopped using them and switched to disposables. Now that diapers are ridiculously expensive, I think I'll try to use cloth with the next one.

Since we're having another girl, we probably won't have a baby shower. I hear the popular thing to do when one is in my position is to have a diaper shower. So, you're all invited to my virtual diaper shower. If you had an inkling to buy me a present, you could spring for a cloth diaper. After doing some research, I've decided on the BumGenius brand. The version 3.0 fits babies from 7-35 lbs so theoretically, Lillian could wear them too (maybe they'll help me get her out of diapers. Not likely any time soon as she's still deathly afraid of the potty). You can buy them here for $17.95 each.

If you're not interested in participating, you could still get me a nice card. Or some chocolate. Yeah, that'd be good too.

P.S. Why not just reuse the fuzzibunz that you used before? I only had a few, like five I think, and I bought them off eBay, so after being used for whatever child and then for my child, they are a little worn out. Plus, they are size medium which would not fit a newborn, no way, no how.


Kiwi said...

We just switched to cloth. We're using a service so we have to use prefolds and covers so no all-in-ones for us. If you're going to use covers I found thirsties on sale on their website b/c they made some upgrades so all the original styles are on sale. Switching to cloth has helped Alina transition to using the potty. We're potty training gradually, I'm not a big fan of having to cleanup messes.

Myriah said...

Okay, are you going to keep up this rate of posting? I need to know, because as you had slowed down due to the move, I didn't check your blog as frequently, and now I find myself a little behind.

Allison said...

Yeah... what about using a service? Does that negate the cost savings and earth friendliness?

Allison said...

Also.. how can something fit a baby 7-35lbs??? See what I'm saying here?

Allison said...

Plus also as I was looking, you have to buy the inserts too. If you change the baby 60 times a week... that's a lot of inserts or a ton of laundry. The inserts are $18 for 6. The way I work it out, it will save you money in the long run, but not for the first 15 weeks.

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