Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Trip to California

Lillian and I just spent a week in California visiting family. Here's some statistics:
Total number of hours in the car: 17
Number of times we watched Elmopalooza in the car: 5
Number of Twizzlers packs consumed: 4
Full (or mostly full) Family gatherings: 2
New skill Lillian learned from Tristan: burping on command (or at least trying to)
Number of hours spent at the beach: 3
Number of pictures I took: 0
Number of times I broke Allison's sewing machine: 1
Number of hours spent lying awake because the Santa Anas were rattling the windows: 4
Number of popsicle sticks used to fix the window: 6
Number of times I thought "ugh! Where's Tyler?": 5,000 (Like when I was starving and trying to eat dinner and all Lillian wanted to do was to run under the trampoline which had 5 kids on it)
Amount of money I spent at Ikea when I intended to only buy a set of twin sheets (estimated cost $20): $75
Number of miles from home when we saw the sign that said "Extreme traffic delays next 10 miles": 20

1 comment:

allison.plummer said...

The burping on command has to go! Don't worry about the sewing machine. My ultra-handy husband fixed and it works just like new.

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