Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mom adventures

Tyler decided to stay a little late at work last night. Tentatively, he decided he was just going to stay 30 minutes later and take the next bus home. The bus passes right next to his work, but the nearest stop to our house is about 1.5 miles away, so Lillian and I go pick him up. In my head, I just planned to come get him 30 minutes later than I usually do, but the buses are fickle and there's a lot of traffic on his route so sometimes they're really early, and sometimes, really late, so I told him to call me when his bus was a little ways off, and we'd leave to come get him.

Lillian and I went to the grocery store and it took a little longer than expected, so I didn't have time to run home and drop the groceries off before the planned 30 minutes later time. We headed over to the bus stop but I hadn't gotten the call from Tyler yet and Lillian was restless (hello, we just got done from the grocery store) so I started up Elmopalooza on our portable DVD player that was still in the car from our drive to California and called Tyler. Turns out, he missed his 30-minutes later bus and was walking outside to catch the hour-later bus. As he was talking to me, he saw the bus drive by. Now I'm restless because that means we'll have to go home and get dinner going (by myself with a bossy, unhappy 2-year-old) and come back in some unspecified time. If that's how it is, that's how it is, so we headed home.

We pulled into our carport and I turned off the car, which turned off the DVD player, which turned off Elmopalooza. This equaled the end of the world for Lillian. She cried and screamed for Elmo to come back. I was hungry and tired so I hauled her and a load of groceries into the house and sat her on the couch. Our house isn't terribly convienent to the car port, so I had to close the door behind me when I went to go get the rest of the groceries. I came back, and the door didn't open. I pushed harder. I could hear Lillian still screaming and crying inside. I tried again. I threw my weight against the door. No good. I realized that Lillian had somehow locked the dead bolt. Great. I had set the keys down inside when I took the first load in. I tried the window next to the door. Locked. The windows into Lillian's room were locked to a paranoid degree. (Because I'm paranoid.) The only one I could get open was the kitchen window but that window is up high and is recessed, making it completely impossible for me in my 7-months gravid state to climb up there. Lillian was still crying, and now she was starting to be scared as I was walking around the outside of the house and telling her to unlock the door and not coming inside.

Luckily my neighbor Drew was on hand to climb in the window and unlock the door.

I made dinner and got Tyler. As Tyler was setting the table for dinner, I went to put away the cookbook which goes in the pantry by the water heater. I opened the door and stuck my hand in only to feel a water drop. I turned on the light and saw that we had pretty much a steady stream of water dripping down from the celing on the left side of our pantry.


I'm thankful that Tyler took everything out of the pantry and set up a bowl to catch the water bcause I was ready to just let everything get wet. He called the maintence guy (who was actually happy to come fix our problem (which was something to do with the AC and there being a clog in the pipe that carries away the condensation) because, as he put it, he needed the overtime pay) who came as we were finishing up eating and took care of things in a very timely manner.

I was glad to go to bed.


Anonymous said...

My head just hurts thinking of all this. What a day huh? I told mom last night that I had had a real long day, Mom then replied with "Everyday is a long day for you." So true....

Myriah said...

Oh my gosh!

Your day was crappy!

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