Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Art class

Lillian and I take an art class through parks and rec. It's once a week and although I usually end up doing most (read: all) of the project, we have fun with the other kids and Lillian has fun making a mess. Last week, we made witches out of paper bags. This week, sweet pirate hats. Lillian wore it all the way home in the car, but then didn't want to wear it for the picture.


Myriah said...

That hat is awesome!

You look very pirate-y.

Nice work.

So, are you allowed to make one hat each? Or do you have to share?

allison.plummer said...

It's because she only likes to wear the Mardi Gras hat.

Amy said...

Didn't you wear yours on the way home too? Or is that just something only Chad would do?

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