Friday, October 03, 2008

Halloween, thy name is Martha

I have been in sort of a crafty mood recently. This is how I've been channeling those feelings.

I showed these paper topiaries to Tyler after I was done meticulously cutting and gluing and he said, "oh, you made... big... paper... lollipops." I think he's never seen me being so Girly before, it threw him for a loop.

Note: I made these rats last year. I'm surprised I actually kept them, more surprised that we actually moved them to Tucson, and most surprised that I actually found them after we moved.

I like this wreath. I wish halloween lasted all fall so I could keep it on the door. I worked on this bad boy for about two days (probably much to my family's dismay as it took over the kitchen table) and when it was all done, I marched triumphantly over to the door to hang it up and... no nail. It was such a buzzkill. I wasn't sure how the apartment people would feel about me putting a nail in the door, so I bought a 3M hook that seems to be working quite well.


Allison said...

WAIT... how did you make the wreath? I must have one.

Sean,Patty, Merrick and Memphis Donovan said...

Hi, saw the cloth diaper post- I've got my kiddos on cloth diapers too- Bum Genius is the best- and you can get them for $12 on Amazon with free shipping. They are the 2.0 version which is what I have and are the one size fits all type with snaps (really awesome). I bought some last week and they were $15 so I think they are trying to push these out to make room for the 3.0 version. Anyways, I hope you guys are doing well. Patty

Flowers by Rileigh said...


Myriah said...

Okay, so I love this wreath.

Did you read about it in a magazine? Find it online?

Or perhaps with your Pioneer ways, you just somehow knew how to make it.

Anonymous said...

Those lolli-pop thingys are awesome!

Marti said...

wow, so crafty. I love all of it.

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