Monday, June 01, 2009

The Visit Home, part one

This is my sister Allison. She's hooked up to some Pitocin as we speak to get this baby out of her, because, wow. Her due date is today, but I'm pretty sure that baby needed to come out three weeks ago.

We were sitting here and talking about something completely unrelated to pregnancy, and asked, "can I take your picture?"
"Because you've never seen a pregnant lady as large as me?"
"Um, I didn't want to say it like that, but, yes."
She said she realized that the horizontal stripes weren't helping, but also, she didn't care.

I like this picture because everyone looks irritated. This is Dad and Jeri, whom we stayed with.

Jeri was watching her granddaughter who is 5 weeks older than Nora.

They are pretty cute, except Nora looks ticked that I'm taking her picture.


Belle of the Blues said...

Nora looks just like Lillian in that last picture.

Belle of the Blues said...

ps-Poor Allison!

Anonymous said...

We were so glad you came to see you guys!

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