Sunday, June 14, 2009

How long can we get away with this?

Tyler was in charge of the lesson for FHE last week.

The basic gist of it was that prophets have beards like this one.

I also tried on the beard, but the picture came out really lousy (or I'm just the most unphotogenic person in the universe) so I'm not posting it.

This is what Tyler would look like as a prophet. He's very pensive and strokes his beard when he thinks.

And marching around is completely necessary when you sing Follow the Prophet. Tyler couldn't remember the words to the Adam verse, so he made up his own (you may remember the Nephi's Courage incident last year). The new version goes something like this:

Adam was a prophet, first one that we know
Him and Eve ate fruit and God said "Go! Go! Go!"

How old are you kids when you have to start coming up with "real" lessons?


Myriah said...

I'm torn between two mediocre responses to the Age and Real Lessons question.

Here they are:

"Fifteen, I think."


"What are you talking about, we did that lesson three weeks ago at my FHE."

Lu&Moo said...

Wow. I want a beard.

And the made up song lyrics LOL (and The Rock liked 'em too). My dad used to do something similar, only it involved making up new lines for the scriptures. He'd have Laman and Lemuel call Nephi a Doofus (etc.)

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