Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nephi's Boat

Tyler was reading "My First Book of Mormon Stories" to Lillian and they got to the page about Nephi building a boat. This is how he sang it:

The Lord commanded Nephi to go and build a boat
Nephi's lousy brothers told him it would not float
Laman and Lemuel just wou-ld not help out
Nephi was industrious, and this is what he shout(ed):

Chorus as usual.

Tyler's memory for words to songs is not so hot, but it's always funny.


Allison said...

Very Funny. Tyler should submit some of his lyric changes to the church for consideration. I especially like "lousy".

Myriah said...

Nephi did have some lousy brothers.

Bluebell said...

At least he got the general gist of things! That made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

Ok- super funny! Having taught that song in sing time many times, I think the new lyrics would have made the kids really laugh.

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