Tuesday, January 30, 2007

New skills

Tyler taught Lillian how to blink. But, while he was trying to get the point across that he was blinking, he kept opening his mouth, so Lillian thinks that's how blinking works.

She can also, sort of, do helicopter lips. Actually, she just spits, but it's cute anyway.

She's so cute in the outfit mom got her for Christmas!!!


Anonymous said...

She is just so cute!

Caitlin said...

She is very cute and I can't believe how big she is getting! We need to get 'the girls' together for a picture.

Myriah said...

I want to hug her. Can you give her a hug for me? Thanks. She's adorable, as always. It's nice to have a cute-all-the-time baby instead of a sometimes-not-cute baby.

Anne "the Hook" Calder said...

my favorite part was the open mouth, or the second picture very cute pose!!!!!

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