Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Here is Lillian's sleep schedule that I've been keeping for the past two days. She has decided that napping is not for her, she's not interested in it, and wonders why I keep trying to get her to nap. Various sources say that a 6 month old baby "should" be taking 2-3 2 or 3 hour naps a day. Huh. They say that they'll let you know their schedule, so I noticed that she slept around 10 and 3. So I made that nap time. Last week, she decided that no longer worked for her, so I thought I'd just let her do her own thing and see if she has any better ideas. Here's what she came up with:


7:00 - up
8:50 - fell asleep nursing
10:20 - up (total time asleep 1.5 hours)
12:50 - fell asleep in stroller while on walk
12:57 - transfered to crib
1:35 - awake
1:45 - fed & rocked in futile attempt to lull back to sleep
1:52 - up (total time asleep .63 hours)
4:30 - fell asleep in car
5:15 - after sleeping in car seat, up (total time asleep .75 hours)

Total sleep time: 2.88 hours


7:30 - up
10:00 - fussed to sleep
11:00 - up (total time asleep 1.0 hours)
2:00 - zoning out
2:10 - asleep in crib
3:15 - screaming in crib
3:30 - up (total time asleep 1.08 hours)
6:00 - last ditch effort on my part to get her to take a nap; futile

Total sleep time: 2.08 hours

The thing is that she is the happiest baby in the world. She is obviously getting enough quality sleep. I am the one that needs her to get more sleep.


Anonymous said...

I know it's frusterating. The thing is in about a month it could all change again!! She'll let you know =>

Bluebell said...

When Owen was little we had a friend the same age who continued taking TWO 2-3 hour naps EVERY day until she was 2. Man, I hated them. (Not really, of course.) I always thought that if my kid would sleep like that I could handle ANYthing. Such was/is not our luck. Sigh...

vwbabe said...

Amanda, Jen here. Sims had the same exact sleeping habits. It was hard b/c he was so happy when he was awake, but he never slept! It drove me crazy, but alas, it does work out. I am not trying to say that he is a wonderful napper now, but I think that I have adjusted to him :) Isn't being a mom fun!

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