Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Tillamook Cheese Factory

As a Christmas present to ourselves, Tyler and I took a trip to Oregon. While there, we visited the Tillamook forest, and the Tillamook cheese factory and creamery. So good. They had an experimental flavor of garlic cheese that I'm going to buy pounds and pounds of as soon as it comes up for sale.

As we were watching them work, a small boy next to us whispered to his dad, "I hear they get paid in cheese!!!!"

She's just happy to be out of her car seat.

Lillian's first ice cream cone; she wasn't quite sure what to think.


Sanchez Family said...

Very fun.

Caitlin said...


vwbabe said...

Lillian is sooooo cute!! You are awesome!

vwbabe said...
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