Thursday, February 08, 2007

Irish Hills Natural Preserve

Irish Hills Natural Preserve is just to the west of San Luis. I had never been there before, but was told it was beautiful. Which is true, it is. It gave us a chance to try out our new hiking backpack, graciously donated by my wonderful sister Amy. While I thought it was great, and still do, Lillian was a little less than thrilled with the whole set up. Even after my suggestion of pretending we were pioneers working to cross the Rockies, she was still screaming. I thought it was a fun game.

These mountains (even though people from elsewhere insist that they aren't mountains, yet the definition of mountain is just an area that is noticeably taller than the land around it) are called the Seven Sisters (even though there are officially nine of them). They are volcanoes, which I think is cool, and they string all the way from San Luis to Morro Bay, Morro Rock being the last in line.

We went with our friend Liz, who is an avid biker, both road and mountain. Here she is pretending to be on her bike like in the Citi Bank commercial.

By the end, Lillian reconciled herself to the back pack. Maybe because when I was wearing it, she could pull my hair.


Myriah said...

oh man, that was lovely! Was it really a hike-hike, or is Elizabeth crazy, as i notice she was wearing flip flops? Isabelle once told me that going up Madonna is a nature walk. I think she is wrong. I need supportive footwear for that activity and a lot of water. Or maybe i'm just a pansy.

Anonymous said...

I knew the backpack would get to see some pretty amazing places with you guys.

Caitlin said...

I love that commercial, I laugh everytime.

Claire said...

Myriah- I can't believe you've known Elizabeth for twenty years, and you're asking if she's crazy.

Myriah said...

What was I thinking?
I've been away too long.

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