Monday, January 15, 2007

Reservoir Canyon Natural Preserve

For our anniversary, Tyler got me a book called Best Family Adventures of San Luis Obispo and our first adventure was to the Reservoir Canyon Natural Preserve. It's only a couple minutes away from our house, and I had no idea that it was here, and as far as I can tell, no one does.

Except for the people that built these creepy tee-pees and other junk art. I mean, I'd be ok if it was just 'art' but there were about 6 or so of the little tripods all set in a sort of "animal sacrifice" pattern and it was on top of this mountain. In the main tee-pee, pictured below, there is a little stove and a pot, like someone lived here. I kept expecting some sort of derranged mountain man to jump out from behind a bush and attack us. They creeped me out big time. But the view was pretty.


Myriah said...

where,specificaly, is this at?

Amanda said...

Specifically, you go through SLO, past the Monterey exit, and it's the second right past Monterey called Reservoir Canyon Rd. It's a more obvious street than, say, the Pearson's. You drive for maybe 1/2 mile and park in the dirt parking lot on the left. The trail head is on your right. On the hike, at the fork, turn right, up the mountain.

Anonymous said...

I do have a hiker backpack you guys can have next time you come down!!

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