Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Mt. Hood

Tyler's an expert skiier, but has never snowboarded, and I've never done either, so we decided to take beginning snowboarding lessons with our friend Stephanie. Brian, Stephanie's husband, decided to ski.

These hats are somewhat of a skiing tradition in Brian's family. Pictured are the moose and bear hats, at home was the skunk and some other animal. While they look silly, they are very functional. For starters, they are very warm and come down over your ears. Secondly, they are useful in locating people on the slopes, just look for the antlers. Brian's mom told us about a time when Brian was young and got lost on the mountain. When she asked the lift operator if he'd seen a little boy, he said that her son had got on not too long ago. She was confused about how he knew it was her son. He said, "he's the bear right?"


Tyler said...

That's a super cute story. Seeing those pictures actually make me miss going.

Allison said...

I love that story about the hats!

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