Friday, June 25, 2010

Pregnancy progression

32 weeks

34 weeks

Almost 36 weeks, today

The 35-week picture almost looks bigger, but I think it's just the shirt I'm wearing. My sister Allison pointed out that she was bigger and I'm a cry baby and I need to suck it up. Actually, she didn't say that last part. Her baby was 11 lbs.

I have a doctor's appointment today and another ultrasound on Tuesday to figure out how big this baby is and/or what the heck is going on in there. The most frequently asked question is: So, if you find out the baby is 10 lbs, are you going to get a C-section? (Or it's close cousin: are you going to get induced early?)

The first person that asked me, I was just confused. "No...? Why...?" Then 3 people asked. Then 5 people. Then 10 people.

Is this common? Are we women so wimpy that 10 lbs is beyond anything we're willing to try? I could see if you were a really petite Asian woman who was married to a tall, strong Prussian type and the doctor told you that no way was this going to work out naturally (it's called CPD), but 10 lb babies are no new thing. My sister did it. My mom did it. I'm a pioneer woman. I can do it.

And, as far as getting induced early, it's far more important to me (and probably to the doctor) that the baby is fully cooked than my extra two weeks of discomfort. But, ask me in two weeks if I still feel the same way.


Bridget said...

I think you're awesome for your pioneer woman sentiments. Women CAN birth fat babies. I swear it doesn't make that big of a difference. Good luck!!

Belle of the Blues said...

Go, Amanda, go! Thinking of you.

Brooke said...

Amanda, I've been catching up on your first of all...congratulations! And you're right, you are a pioneer can do it! My easiest birth was Maggie, born six days late, right on her own schedule, and she weighed in at 9.5 pounds. Not huge, I know, but big doesn't necessarily mean bad. Of course, after that, I was always induced a week early. Mostly just for my own comfort (selfish I know), but also just because I actually wanted the baby to be liittle for a little while longer. When you bring home a 9 or 10 pounder, it's kind of like bringing home a two month old. Anyway, random rantings from a woman determined to NOT have any more take it as you will.
Hope everything goes well...good luck naming the little guy!
Brooke Brundage

krissiecook said...

Just to put it in perspective, Stellan was just shy of 10 pounds, and it was rough. Not impossible (obviously), but not fun. Rachelle practically popped out (pushed through 5 contractions, instead of pushing for 3 hours like I did with her brother) at just under 9 pounds. That last pound made a big difference. I'm recovering about 20 times faster (that is close to an exact figure, not an exaggeration) and find myself able to enjoy life with my newborn much more.
And I'll admit it, I was induced. I was right at my due date, but didn't really want to go past because of the 10 pound factor. Totally worth it, as far as I'm concerned.

Amanda said...

Krissie, I'm not against induction- I was induced with Nora on my due date. I'm just saying I'm not entirely for being induced 3 weeks early just to avoid a 10 lb baby. I hope your recovery continues to go well!

Jacie said...

I think you're awesome for not letting "big baby" worries get to you! Oh and congrats on the little one he is looks perfect:)

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