Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lillian turned 4!

Shhhh, don't tell her that her actual birthday isn't for another month. It's just than in another month, I'll have some kind of really small infant and won't be up for birthday parties.

For being thrown together at the last minute (a few of her friends left this week for 2 week vacations), I think it turned out really nice.

Tyler drew a Woody for "Pin the Star on Woody." The kids didn't really get this one, and I think that some of the older ones could see through the blindfold.

We also played Toy Story bingo, which was a little bit of a disaster because I had them marking their cards with mini marshmallows. You can probably guess that the game too for-ev-er because the kids kept eating the marshmallows instead of putting them on "Hamm-4." Also, I think the kids had never played any version of bingo before, so the whole concept was totally lost on them.

Number one game, which Tyler made up on the spot: see how many balloons you can get to stick to you.

Lillian had lots of help opening her presents.

And we ate alien cupcakes.

Nora was way into hers.

It wasn't very cutsie-pie or slick, but that's not my style. The kids had fun and Lillian hasn't stopped talking about it ever since.

I can't believe she's four already.

The other day, we were on a walk, and some teenagers were being rowdy nearby. "Are those grownups?" Lillian asked.
"No, honey. Those are teenagers."
"Am I going to be a teenager?"
"I sure hope not sweetie."

She will one day, probably. I'm already irritated about that. But, I'm glad that, for now, she's still my sweet, whimsical little girl who pretends that her feet are friends with each other.


The Clark's said...

Lillian a teenager? Never! She is too sweet. Glad the party went well!

Myriah said...

Wow. The great fake-out of 2010.

Now that's the power of parenting.

Bridget said...

You had me beat at the alien cupcakes. I am so nervous because Miriam wants a friend party at her next birthday and I, too, am not slick enough for that kind of thing. Maybe I'll do the balloon game. Happy birthday Lillian!! We miss that little girl.

Carrie G said...

I like the balloon game. Nice work, Tyler. Also, your couch looks very comfortable. I think I'd like to take a nap on your couch.

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