Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mom's Beach

We went to California last week. It was kind of last minute, and really fabulous. Our friends the Allens that used to live next to us when we lived in Tucson proper, but have since moved to Flagstaff, drove out as well. We started the week off, as any week in California should be started, with a trip to the beach.

Wow, my kids are white. That's Rachel and she's just trying to provide some shade for her baby, and not nursing, not that there's anything wrong with nursing babies at the beach. I just probably wouldn't post a picture of my friend nursing without asking her. I probably wouldn't post a picture of myself nursing. Have I talked about this too much? Moving on.

I love the beach and miss it so much. Lillian, apparently, does not remember the countless hours we spent at Avila chillaxing in the warm sand because as soon as we got to the bottom of the hill, and the waves were in sight, she freaked out and said she wanted to go home.

Tyler's brother lives in Huntington Beach, which is not terribly far from the mom's beach (is that it's real name, or just what everyone calls it?), and I was jonesing for Wahoo's so we made plans to meet him for lunch at Fashion Island.

After we had been at the beach for like 2 hours, the Allen's baby got some sand or sunscreen in his eye, so we had to leave a little earlier than we planned and walk around the mall for a bit. Rachel felt really bad that we had to cut our sand-time and apologized a lot. I didn't care too much. That's kids, right? When we got in the car, Tyler turned to me and said, "you know, I don't know why Rachel feels so bad. I really only expect outings with the kids to last 45 minutes before someone gets sick or hurt or poos through every diaper and outfit we brought. I thought our beach trip was pretty successful."

Tyler's brother came with his wife and baby, so we had to take some cousin pictures. Carlie's grown quite a bit, so there better not be any more jokes about Nora eating her.

I'm not sure these fish needed any more food (because look at the size of those things), but there was no sign saying not to, so we fed them a whole bunch of animal crackers. Maybe I shouldn't put that on here in case all the fish at Fashion Island are now dead and now they can track us down. I've heard that those koi fish can get pretty pricey.


Emily said...

Ooooh, I am jealous of your adventure. I think it might have a real name (I called it Mother's beach) when I was growing up.) I like that place.

Natchel said...

AH! You let me flop around the sand like that?? AH! My body is contorted into a weird shape. Is that my leg coming out of my head? And it really does look like I'm nursing.
I did have fun playing kitchen with Lillian in the river. And Wahoo's was very tasty,with chicken that will set your mouth on fire.

Allison said...

I think the real name is Little Corona Beach, or Little Corona del Mar Beach. You can google that for proof.

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