Thursday, March 04, 2010

Rodeo Days

The rodeo is kind of a big deal here in Tucson. There's a parade and people get a few days of work and school. We didn't go last year because I was chicken (the rodeo grounds are in the barrio, which I am no longer scared of) and I had a 2-month old baby, so I was looking forward to getting in on the Tucson experience... AND because all the years I lived in San Luis, I never made it to Poly Royal (pronounced like how John Travolta says "Royale with Cheese" in Pulp Fiction) for one reason or another, so I wanted to break my no rodeo streak.

This year, Tyler was out of town for Rodeo Week, and although I'm not scared of the barrio (as a friend once said, "bars on the windows mean that they make their own tortillas!"), I'm not brave enough to lug my two children with my pregnant belly (and yes, a woman at the grocery store said I must be due sometime soon. She was so grandmotherly I didn't want to crush her by saying that I'm actually only 20 weeks. Or maybe I just didn't want to admit it to myself) to an event that they probably won't enjoy, just to settle a decade-long rodeo drought. My mom called me chicken, but I think I was just being practical.

The good thing about our little town out here in the boonies is that they sponsor events like last weekend's Rodeo Round-Up. It's all the things my kids probably would have liked at the rodeo, without the hassle of actually having to go there: pony rides, petting zoo, bounce house, face painting.

I mean, how often do you get the chance to maul feed a baby goat?


Emily said...

I don't blame you one bit-especially with the cool things close to you. I love stuff like that-fun that you got to go! And in the last picture I can totally see your side of the family in Norah, like a LOT!

Vivian said...

You need to get more pictures of Nora on here. She is huge!

Allison said...

Nora is getting so big!! Where are pictures of your pregnant belly? You can't just spring it on me when I see you in June. I need adjustment time.

Cheryl said...

Yes...I see that she did as did Nora. yeah!
So 20 weeks. Are you having another girl or breaking the streak with a boy?

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